Ark cities are created in Japan

For those who watched the film "2012" about the end of the world as a result of earthly cataclysms, it will be interesting to know that Japanese engineers are already starting to build "arks" that should save at least part of humanity from death.

"Arks" will look like floating islands, which, like huge lilies, will drift on the waves of water. They will be located in the middle part of the Pacific Ocean. Each of these islands will be installed on a huge platform with a total area of ​​several hectares and a height of 1 kilometer. Such giants must accommodate from 10, 000 to 50, 000 people, who will provide the organization of the work of the "arks". Each unit of this design will weigh about 11, 000 tons.

In the middle of each artificial island there will be skyscrapers - "green cities" for people, and only ecologically clean energy of waves and sea currents will be used as energy. The towers will be made of light alloys such as magnesium. The developers plan to place parks, gardens and alleys around the skyscrapers, as well as arable and forage meadows and fields.

Small dams will be built on the "arks" to protect against possible tsunamis and high waves. However, in the open ocean, great waves are not a threat.

The country of Japan is constantly exposed to various natural disasters, so it is not surprising that it was they who began to generate this idea of ​​the "Ark". Engineers believe that in the near future all cities and even entire countries will be designed this way. The first island promises to be completed by 2025.