Who addressed the people with the PINEAPPLE manifesto

On April 30, 1881, on behalf of Emperor Alexander III, who ascended the Russian throne, a Manifesto on the inviolability of autocracy was published. After the assassination of his father, the new monarch decided to begin his reign with the following document:

About the call of all loyal subjects to serve by faith and truth to His Imperial Majesty and the State, to eradicate vile sedition, to affirm faith and morality, good education of children, to exterminate untruth and embezzlement, to establish order and truth in the operation of the institutions of Russia.



We declare to all our loyal subjects.

It was pleasing to God, in His inscrutable destinies, to complete the glorious Reign of OUR BELOVED PARENT with a martyr's death, AND ON US to entrust the sacred duty of the Autocratic Rule.

Obeying the will of Providence and the Law of the Legacy of the State, WE took this burden in the terrible hour of nationwide sorrow and horror, before the Face of the Most High God, believing that having predetermined the work of Power for us in such a difficult and difficult time, He will not leave US with His All-Mighty help. We also believe that the fervent prayers of the pious people, all over the world known for their love and devotion to their SOILS, will attract the blessing of God to US and to the work of the Board that lies ahead of us.

In Bose, the deceased OUR PARENT, having received from God the Autocratic power for the good of the people entrusted to HIM, remained faithful to death to the vow he had taken and imprinted his great service with blood. Not so much by strict orders of the authorities, as by her goodness and meekness, he accomplished the greatest work of HIS Reign - the liberation of the serfs, having managed to attract the owners of the nobility, always obedient to the voice of goodness and honor, to assist in this; approved in the Kingdom by the Court, and his subjects, whom he made all without distinction forever free, called for the disposal of the affairs of the local government and public economy. May HIS memory be blessed forever!

The base and villainous murder of the Russian STATE, in the midst of a faithful people, ready to lay down their lives for HIM, by unworthy monsters from the people, is a terrible, shameful, unheard of in Russia, and has darkened our entire land with sorrow and horror.

But in the midst of OUR great sorrow, the Voice of God commands US to become cheerfully for the work of the Government, in hope for Divine Providence, with faith in the power and truth of Autocratic power, which WE are called to affirm and protect for the good of the people from any inclinations against it.

May the hearts of OUR faithful subjects, all those who love the fatherland and devotees from generation to generation of the Hereditary Tsarist power, be encouraged, amazed by the embarrassment and horror. Under the shade of Her and in an indissoluble union with Her, our land has experienced more than once great turmoil and came into power and glory in the midst of severe trials and disasters, with faith in God, who arranges her fate.

Dedicating ourselves to our great service, WE call on all our faithful subjects to serve US and the State with faith and truth, to eradicate the vile sedition that dishonor the Russian land, - to the confirmation of faith and morality, - to the good upbringing of children, - to the extermination of untruth and embezzlement, - to the establishment of order and truth in the operation of institutions granted to Russia by her BENEFITOR, OUR BELOVED PARENT.

Dan to St. Petersburg, on the 29th day of April, in the year from the birth of Christ, one thousand eight hundred and eighty-first, and our reign on the first.

On the original, HIS EMPEROR'S MAJESTY's own hand signed

Why pineapple manifesto? So he was nicknamed by the people, because during the chanting church reading from the pulpit (yes, important documents were read in the church before), an uncomfortable useless “pineapple” was irresistibly sticking out of the inelegant circulation “to impose the sacred duty on Us”.