Interesting facts about the corkscrew

As soon as the device for removing a wine cork from a bottle was not called: "bottle screw", "steel worm for pulling corks out of bottles", "gimbal with a T-shaped handle." This is not surprising, since more than 350 patents have been issued for the corkscrew. Who is not mentioned among its inventors: S. Henschel from England (1795), P. Calmel from France (1829), American M. Byrne (1860) and many others.

By the way, long before the invention of the corkscrew, bottles of wine, pharmacy vials were opened using an ordinary rifle ramrod. Then, someone guessed that it would be much more convenient to uncork the bottle if you twist a spiral at the end of this ramrod. Therefore, we can say that all subsequent inventors only improved the ramrod, which is now designed to pull the cork out of the bottle.

However, for a long time, a bottle of wine could easily be opened without any corkscrew: the cork was inserted into the neck so that most of it was outside. But, gradually the cork tree grew in price, so I had to save it, completely driving the cork into the bottle. It was impossible to replace the cork tree with anything at that time, it is this material that does not affect the taste and color of the wine.

In the United States, a corkscrew was on sale, which was equipped with a can of carbon dioxide. But, the novelty was not widely used, when the bottle was opened, the cork flew out at such a speed that it could seriously injure a person.

Rob Higgs made the largest corkscrew in the world: it is 165 centimeters high and weighs over 350 kg. The master worked on such a unique device for about three years.

It is not difficult to buy a corkscrew: it is sold everywhere and is inexpensive. But this is not always the case, old samples can seriously enrich their owner. For example, a corkscrew made in 1842 was sold at Christie's for $ 31, 280. And one of the most famous collectors of corkscrews is the American Dale Deckert. He became interested in collecting back in 1945, and compiled a collection of more than 20, 000 items from 136 countries of the world.

Swiss army knives are popular all over the world. Interestingly, the knife is almost entirely made in Switzerland. Except for the corkscrew, which is made in Japan.

Napoleon Bonaparte is considered a great connoisseur of Burgundy wine. However, Napoleon also showed concern for others: by his order, a corkscrew was necessarily included in the Sodat ammunition.

But physicists claim that a bottle of wine can be easily opened without the help of a corkscrew. It is enough to sharply hit the bottom of the bottle with your palm and the cork will fly out - the effect of water hammer will work.