Which invention was the first to break the sound barrier?

No - this is not a bullet or a jet plane as you might think, but the most ordinary ... whip.

The whip was invented in China 7, 000 years ago, but until the invention of instant photography in 1927, it never occurred to anyone that its “click” was not just a hit of a leather strap on the handle, but also a supersonic pop in miniature.

The click accompanies the loop that forms when you swing the whip sharply. The loop runs the entire length of the whip and, as the skin tapers towards the tip, accelerates as it travels, reaching a speed more than ten times its original speed. The "click" itself occurs when the loop breaks the sound barrier at a speed of approximately 1194 km / h.

It is officially believed that the first to overcome the sound barrier was American pilot Chuck Yeager in the experimental Bell X-l fighter in 1947. In 1948, he also reached a speed of 1540 km / h at an altitude of 21, 900 m - this figure is still ranked ninth among manned flights of all times and peoples.

The world record is still held by the Kh-15A aircraft - 6389 km / h at an altitude of 31, 200 m, it happened in 1967.

The maximum speed at which a person has ever traveled is 39, 897 km / h. The Apollo 10 manned spacecraft reached it in 1969.