3D Drawing Pen

With the 3Doodler pen, you can draw 3D objects directly in the air. It is the world's first 3D drawing pen.

WobbleWorks (a small toy company) presented its unique project. In terms of technology, the handle is similar to a glue gun. The 3Doodler is powered by the network. And plastic is used as ink. It freezes in a matter of moments, thanks to which you can paint on any surface, as well as directly in the air by weight. The plastic sticks together reliably, and you can safely draw the most intricate and voluminous shapes.

The weight of the handle is less than 200 grams. Supports 2 speeds of "ink" application:

1) for fast filling of large areas

2) for delicate work.

The creators claim that you can learn how to draw simple shapes in a couple of hours, and drawing on a plane does not require any skills at all.