12 mirrors to decorate your home and life

Interesting facts "Inventions" 12 mirrors that will decorate your home and life

  1. A mirror that draws a three-dimensional image. Thanks to the built-in video camera and 50-inch plasma screen, you get your 3D image, which you can rotate as you want. This mirror was made by Candy and Candy the Intelligent Mirror, which is based in London. The cost of such a mirror is 5, 25 million pounds. True, in addition to the mirror itself, you will also receive a house in which it is built.
  2. Mirror, on the TV screen. The Philips product, which works like a regular TV, acts as a mirror when turned off. The 30-inch version will set you back £ 2, 700.
  3. A mirror that simulates your image in old age. With the help of a video camera, it reads information about you, your food, bad habits and other hobbies, and then calculates how you will look in old age. However, a week of a healthy lifestyle - and the mirror will have mercy on you.
  4. A mirror that can be used to play games. While the bath is being filled, you can entertain yourself with various games. From tic-tac-toe to crosswords and spell checkers. The selection of games is really great, and the main thing is that you swipe the towel and you can play again. If only the mirror would fog up.
  5. Mirror showing SMS from your mobile phone. It is still at the stage of a "concept model" developed by Robert Stadler, but if it does happen to be in someone's apartment, it will happily display SMS messages from your mobile if you stand close enough. How this will happen has not yet been disclosed.
  6. Dressing room mirror sending your image to friends. If you were unable to take your friends with you to go shopping and had to stroll around them alone, do not lose heart. If you are lucky enough to find such a fitting room, then you can easily send your image to your friends (or to your blog), they will appreciate and send you their rating. The main thing is not to accidentally send your photo BEFORE you dress.
  7. A mirror that tries on outfits on you. You don't even need to undress in this fitting room. It will generate an image of a dress or some other clothing, and all you have to do is go to the mirror and see how it will look on you.
  8. A mirror that draws a picture from wooden cubes. 830 wood cubes, 830 servomotors, electronic control, video camera, computer, wooden frame. Width - 170 cm, height - 203 cm, thickness - 25 cm. This is the first of many incredible mechanical mirrors by Daniel Rosin. Surprisingly, the cubes of the tree, like computer pixels, change to form a real reflection.
  9. Mirror showing a canvas image. 768 stripes are woven into a web, and thanks to the built-in camera and electronic filling, the motor calculates in which coordinate which shade of gray is needed. When moving, a complete illusion of a mirror is created, although you cannot see the details of your face, however, you will get a canvas with your silhouette.
  10. Interactive mirror for fitting room. If you combine points 6 and 7, you get a new generation locker room. You can not only choose the desired clothes on the mirror screen and see how it will look on you, but also show off the result to your friends by sending them an image.
  11. Mirror displaying ads. A small but conspicuous advertisement will advise: what toothpaste to choose, what shampoo is better to wash your hair with than to clean a clogged sink, and much more. Such mirrors are installed in clubs, restaurants and hotels. While they are only in America and Europe, but we should soon reach.
  12. Mirror showing the way to tourists with a projector. Infinity Division of Nissan North America commissioned George P. Johnson to create an interactive system that would help tourists find routes and transport. Nicholas Kornel was appointed as the lead designer, who used three panels of 8x3.5 inches made of mirrored glass for this purpose. A bright projector and touch panel are built into each panel. The tourist standing in front of the system gets a complete picture of the place. But it looks like these panels will become the main attraction of the cities.