What the first webcam followed

The Cambridge programmers reaffirmed the old adage that laziness is the engine of progress. Back in 1991, the employees of the computer laboratory at Cambridge University got tired of going to the coffee maker's hall to see if there was coffee, and they put a camera connected to a computer on it, through which they organized distribution to other machines, and began to see if there was more coffee. without lifting the fifth point from the computer.

The new development attracted the interest of the press and a note about this interesting invention was published in Comm-Week on January 27, 1992. An unexpectedly fresh idea was instantly taken up by the manufacturers of computer components.

The black and white image of the coffee pot was broadcast to users' desktops for 10 years, until the camera was turned off on August 22, 2001. Interestingly, a few years later, the historic Trojan coffee pot was sold on eBay for £ 3, 350.