Why did Emperor Alexander III spit on the soldier Oreshkin

Even in our time, despite the freedom of speech, you can go to jail for insulting the head of state. But what about this situation in tsarist Russia? During the reign of Emperor Alexander III, a certain soldier Oreshkin got drunk in the tsar's tavern. Began to brawl. They tried to reason with him, pointing to the portrait of the emperor. To this the soldier replied: I did not care about your sovereign the emperor! He was arrested and a case was opened for insulting the emperor.

Expecting to inflate the revolutionary story of the rebellion from this incident, the troublemaker was reported to the emperor. However, having familiarized himself with the case, Alexander realized that the story was not worth a dime, and wrote on the folder:

  • Dismiss the case
  • Free Oreshkin
  • Do not hang my portraits in taverns from now on
  • Tell Oreshkin that I didn't give a damn about him either.

The Tsar's resolution regarding Oreshkin was carried out: the regiment was built, drums were beating, commands were heard, and the culprit was put in front of the front and the Tsar's decision was publicly announced, after which he was ordered to join the ranks of his company.