The most interesting about the moon

You have no idea how many different interesting and, often, unusual facts there are about our beautiful satellite, hanging alone in boundless space.


Vibrations from the impact of meteorites and the heat generated by the sun are quite safe and do not pose a threat, but the shaking of the fourth type is quite dangerous. On the Richter scale, an earthquake of 5.5 is enough to change the surface and destroy Lunar objects. Such tremors usually last about 10 minutes. According to NASA, such moonquakes affect people's well-being and make our satellite "ring like church bells."

Scientists have no idea what exactly is generating them. Earthquakes on Earth are usually caused by the movements of tectonic underground plates, but there are simply no such events on the Moon. Some scientists think that these movements may have a connection with the ebb and flow of the earth's waters, the fluctuations of which pull the moon to the earth. However, these theories are absolutely not supported by any facts - the tides have always been associated with the full and growing moon, and scientists constantly observed its shaking at a different time interval.


There is no atmosphere on the moon. If you carefully study the photos of the Earth taken by numerous spacecraft, you can perfectly see how such familiar shades of light and shadow are harmoniously combined. Light scattering is one of the most important atmospheric phenomena. Before dawn and dusk, the light that penetrates and refracts in our atmosphere from the rays of the Sun goes far beyond the horizon, perfectly showing light and shadow. And if other worlds were following us, they would well understand that our planet is ideal for their life.

Lunar anomalies

Few people know, but our satellite has a lot of obscure and interesting designs! No one can understand their creation and purpose.

There are interesting reliefs that man could not create. On the moon you can observe craters, seas, images of some objects on the plain, traces of rolling boulders, clear geometric shapes, unexplored hills made of foreign material, and even, according to experts, something similar to the ruins of ancient buildings was found.

There are many pictures, after studying which you can begin to believe that there is life on the moon.

Great American Lies or True Edited?

It is believed that the Americans have never been to the moon. Everyone knows very well and has repeatedly seen the records of their first landing on the moon. But this was overgrown with legends and speculation. Proponents of this claim believe that there are many contradictions between the photographs of the world-changing event and its confirmation in documentary videos. For example, with a little retouching and editing of the world famous photo of the first astronaut to land, placing the US flag on the Moon as a sign of conquest, some noticed the metallic reflection of the film studio and the spotlights ... And what are the spotlights on the Moon? This story has become a legend, and now all famous directors ridicule this fact. Even the excellent director Ron Howard said in one of the episodes of the series: “Oh, landing on the moon? It was one of the coolest works of mine! We filmed the landing in this pavilion. " And it shows an absolutely identical place to the one in the photo with the conquest.

There is also a version that the Americans really were on the moon, everything happened exactly as in the video frames, but not everything was captured. Some shots were lost, so it was decided to recreate the event of that day and complete the missing moments in the studio to complete the picture and capture this fact for the story in a high-quality performance.

Moon's Influence on Sleep

We live and never even guess that our dreams and the moon are connected! After all, everything is connected in our amazing Universe.

All people sometimes notice that on some days of the month something interferes with their sleep, and everyone takes it for granted, but few people think: why is this?

The influence of the moon on people has long been studied. This was first proved by Professor Christian Cayochen. He and his group found that the quality of sleep is directly related to the cycles and phases of the moon. He proved that the moon directly affects electrophysiology, psychoactivity and sometimes even human organs. By the way, one moon phase equals one week. Let's take a closer look at them!

  • PHASE 1 - She is practically invisible. After all, the moon is invisible these days. We call it New Moon, and then we simply do not see it in the sky. These days sleep is especially restless and the most emotional dreams are dreamed.
  • PHASE 2 - Feels and physiologically, the human body is normalized, as well as his sleep. She sleeps soundly and well. The body stores natural energy and restores its needs.
  • PHASE 3 - The Full Moon is Coming At This Moment! At such times, people often experience nightmares and insomnia. This state is explained by the fact that the gravity of the earth becomes greater, in connection with which the activity of the human brain decreases by 30%.
  • PHASE 4 - Half of the Moon is visible, and the light goes to reduce visibility. Dreams become calmer, less intense and pleasant. But it is still difficult to sleep peacefully.

These are just some interesting facts about the Moon - the beautiful satellite of our planet Earth. And, in fact, we, despite all the modern technological progress, know very little about it. And this gives us motivation to move on and reveal more and more of her secrets, to be surprised at her many secrets and understatements. So what new discoveries and new knowledge about the Moon await us? Let's wait - we'll see!