If any piece of paper is folded in half 43 times, it will reach the moon.

It sounds strange, but it is. Let's make some calculations: The Moon is about 384, 000 km from Earth. The thickness of the paper page is 0.01 cm. So, if we stack the pages on top of each other, then we need 3 840 000 000 000 000 pages for the stack to grow to the Moon.

But if you fold the paper in half, and then more in half, and then more, then exponential growth comes into play. For any exponentially growing quantity, the higher the value it takes, the faster it grows. Once folded, the page will be 2 times thicker than the original. 3 times folded - 8 times the original. If we could fold a page 28 times, it would exceed Everest. Folded 43 times - would have reached the moon. And 94 times - would give us something the size of the visible Universe.

The only problem is that a piece of paper of any size cannot be folded more than 7 times.