Who owns the moon

Several hundred years ago, pioneers who set foot on the shores of new lands declared them the territory of their patrons or rulers, which in a large sense was the same, since only very rich people could afford to allocate a huge amount of money for the expedition to nowhere. mostly monarchs. This is how the huge colonies of France, Spain, Britain and other countries got hold of the first to explore the globe. But what about the cosmos? Is it possible that after the landing of the Americans on the moon, the satellite will be associated with the United States of America? it turns out that no - the Outer Space Treaty, which was signed by the United States, Great Britain and the Soviet Union in 1967 during the space race, is still in force with respect to the Moon, and in accordance with it, the exploration of the Moon should take place for the good and in the interests of all countries of the world ... As of October 2011, 100 countries are States Parties to the Treaty, and another 26 have signed the Treaty but have not completed ratification.

One of the points also states that the Moon cannot be colonized, that is, it is common, which means it is no one.

With regard to commercial launches of spacecraft to the moon, amendments to the legislation are in force, allowing only aspects of the launch of a spacecraft and its entry into space, but not landing on the moon.

Recently, dubious companies have proliferated selling sites on the moon. In exchange for a fee, the buyer receives a certificate of "ownership" for a certain area of ​​the moon's surface. There is an opinion that at the moment such certificates have no legal force due to violation of the terms of the Treaty on the Principles of Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space of 1967 (a ban on the "national appropriation" of outer space, including the Moon, in accordance with Article II Of the Agreement).