An interesting fact about cosmic distances

Numbers in astronomy are so great that they are often denoted not by numbers, but by special astronomical units. For example, a light year is accepted. This is the distance that a ray of light flies in a year according to our earthly time. But more often, when measuring distances to distant stars, they use another unit - a parsec. This huge number is difficult even to read. It is 30.8 "1012 kilometers!"

The distance from the Earth to the Sun is almost 150 million kilometers. To understand this distance more clearly, here are some comparisons. A pedestrian traveling 30 kilometers a day would have walked to the Sun for fourteen thousand years.

A train running non-stop at a speed of 100 kilometers per hour would reach the Sun in 170 years.

A plane traveling at 1, 000 kilometers per hour would reach the Sun in more than 17 years.

Sound (its velocity in the atmosphere is 300-350 m / sec) from the Earth to the Sun reaches the Sun in 14 years.

Light travels from Alpha Hercules to Earth in 1, 200 years. When a ray of light, now reflected in the mirror of the terrestrial telescope, left this star, there was an era of the early Middle Ages on Earth.

However, there is no reason to believe that Alpha Hercules is the greatest star even in our star system. It is only the largest star measured today.