Why does a person hiccup?

We often encounter such an unpleasant phenomenon as hiccups. There is a feeling that someone is pulling the rope inside us with force, forcing the whole body to shudder. Let's see why the phenomenon of hiccups occurs, and what are the ways to deal with it?

It is clear that hiccups are an uncontrollable process. In everyone, it occurs unexpectedly, most often after a heavy meal, hypothermia, fright, or as a result of some diseases. People all over the world have periodically hiccupped since the time of their existence, but scientists still do not know for sure why a person hiccups.

Science explains the process as follows: hiccups are caused by synchronous myoclonic contractions of the diaphragm and intercostal muscles. That is, the body tries to inhale, but at this time the epiglottis closes the airways, which blocks the air flow: inhalation is accompanied, as it were, by a short suffocation. And the sound of hiccups that we hear is a consequence of the abrupt closure of the glottis. The most common cause of hiccups is irritation of the vagus nerve, which passes from the chest cavity to the abdominal cavity, squeezes along with the esophagus through a narrow opening in the diaphragm.

How do I stop hiccups?

In order to help your body stop hiccups, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • stretch as hard as possible;
  • take some deep and good breaths;
  • take a deep breath and hold your breath;
  • without breathing, drink a glass of water in 10-12 small sips;
  • put a glass of water on the table, bend over to it as much as possible, clasping your hands behind your back and drink water also in 10-12 small sips.

Thanks to such actions, the pressure on the vagus nerve will be significantly reduced. This will lead to his release and the disappearance of the hiccups.

The Slavs have a belief that when a person hiccups, it means that someone remembers him. And to get rid of hiccups, you need to repeat the following words during an attack: "Hiccup-hiccup, go to Fedot, from Fedot to Yakov, from Yakov to everyone!" And the hiccups will be relieved.

Fun fact: The longest hiccups lasted 68 years for the American Charles Osborne, who started hiccupping in 1922. The hiccups started when he slaughtered the pig and lasted until 1990. During this time, he hiccuped about 430 million times. The hiccups did not give in to treatment, but this did not prevent Osborne from leading the way of life familiar to all people, he got married and had children. The average frequency of hiccups at the beginning of the attack was 40 times per minute, which then decreased to 20-25 times. This inconvenience did not prevent Charles from living a long life. Osborne stopped hiccuping only at the age of 96, and a year later he died.