Tallest man in the world

In the body of every person there is a so-called pituitary gland - this is a cerebral appendage, which is a round formation that is located on the lower surface of the brain in a bone pocket. The pituitary gland produces hormones that affect the metabolism, reproductive function and growth of a person. In most cases, the appendage works correctly, however, in some individuals, disturbances in its work can lead to various diseases, including acromegaly and gigantism.

This is exactly the problem that Robert Wadlow, the tallest man in the world, suffered from - we already mentioned him once. Recall that Robert was born in 1918 in Illinois. Until the age of four, our little hero was no different from his peers, but after that he began to grow very quickly. After 4 years, his height was almost 190 cm, and at the age of 10 he weighed 100 kg with a height of 198 cm. He was so strong that he calmly carried his father and mother up the stairs in his arms. By the time he comes of age, Robert has stretched out even more - with a weight of 177 kg, his height has reached 254 cm! The shoe size, of course, was also large, but at that time Wadlow became a local celebrity, so the shoes were made for him completely free.

After leaving school, the giant entered the university and at the same time began performing in the circus, with which he traveled almost all over America. At the same time, people loved him very much, since Robert was a good-natured person.

When Wadlow turned 21, his height reached 263 cm, and he already weighed 223 kg. Unfortunately, his health deteriorated quickly enough and he soon had to start using crutches. But the worst thing in this story is that in 1940 the giant died, and the culprit of the death was the same ill-fated crutch - on the occasion of Independence Day, Robert performed in the city of Manistee, where he rubbed his leg with a crutch. This almost instantly caused an infection and subsequent sepsis. Alas, the doctors failed to save this legendary personality - he died in a hospital ward in a dream.

Since Wadlow was known throughout America, several tens of thousands of compatriots gathered for his funeral. They say that the coffin weighed about 500 kg, so it was carried with great difficulty by a dozen volunteers. At the same time, the parents of the young man decided to cement the grave in order to avoid its looting.

As the tallest man in history, this giant also holds the record for the length of arms and hands. Robert's arm span was 288 centimeters, which, you see, is just a huge figure. He is also a record holder in another area - the length of his palm was 32.4 cm.