Wife Carrying World Championship

If you are tired of traditional sports, welcome to the Wife Carrying Championship. These competitions are held annually in Sonkajärvi, a beautiful town in eastern Finland. Couples are allowed to participate in the competition - a man who plays the role of a "porter" and a woman who plays the role of a "load". Enthusiasts come from all over Europe, and some come from the Americas and even Australia.

You can carry your wife in four different ways: by putting her on the backs, throwing her over your shoulder, sitting on her back upside down, laying her across the back and holding her by the arms and legs in front. The main thing is that the victory in the race depends on the efforts of both, which means that the most harmonious couple will achieve success.

The competition is believed to be based on the ancient custom of bride kidnapping. And the legend also says that the famous robber Rosvo-Ronkainen lived in this area more than a hundred years ago. He accepted only strong and reliable guys into his gang, so he put all newcomers to the test. One of the tests was to snatch the girl from the village and run away, carrying her on her back.

According to the organizers of the Championship, carrying a wife reflects an attitude towards life. Wives and men who carry them are not afraid of difficulties and jokingly overcome obstacles. They persistently walk forward, holding on to each other, and a cheerful light gleams in their eyes.


• The official track length is 253.5 meters.

• There are two dry and one water obstacles along the route.

• You can carry your wife, your neighbor's wife, or any other woman, however she must be over 17 years old.

• The minimum weight of the "cargo" is 49 kilograms. If a woman weighs less, she must put on a heavy backpack to get the missing pounds.

• And most importantly - ALL PARTICIPANTS SHOULD HAVE FUN! • If a competitor drops his wife, the couple will be penalized fifteen seconds for each fall.

• In the World Championship, the winner is announced in only one category: the pair with the fastest time.

• However, the funniest couple, the best costume and the strongest porter will receive special prizes.

• In addition to the individual competition, there are team competitions in which the same rules apply. The difference is that three men take turns carrying one woman. Passing the baton, athletes should drink the "wife carrier drink".

By the way, Finnish couples have won this championship 5 times in a row.