Longest-haired family in the world

A family of real Rapunzels lives in Illinois: the hair of a mother and her three daughters in total reaches 4 meters!

Tere Lynn Svetlechich Russell hasn't cut her hair since adolescence. Having married Chip, who still admires the length and beauty of his wife's hair, she continued to grow her amazing wealth. Father's admiration for mom's hair inspires their three daughters to follow mom's example.

At the moment, the hair length of Tere Lynn, the permanent winner of the "Longest Ponytail" competition held in her hometown, is approximately 1.5 meters. 11-year-old daughter Callan's hair has reached a length of about 73 centimeters, 9-year-old Sendelin - 72 cm and 6-year-old Chesney - 52.5 cm. The family has a younger brother who does not participate in this "race", and the one-year-old Chapin, which all this is likely to come in the future.

Hair of this length, of course, requires titanic care. In addition to the fact that Tera Lynn can only wash her hair while kneeling, since under the weight of wet hair she simply falls off her feet, she spends about a quarter of a bottle of conditioner to wash her hair each time. In addition, she periodically pinches them with the doors of the car, tightens them with a vacuum cleaner while cleaning, and children regularly step on them.