The largest cruise ship in the world

The largest and most modern cruise liner in the world today is the ship called "Oasis of the Seas" - Oasis of the Seas. This giant was launched on November 22, 2008. Its dimensions are really impressive! The liner is 360 meters long, which is 91 meters longer than the Titanic. The average width is 47 meters, but in some places it reaches 60 meters. The height of the vessel is as much as 72 meters, this is about 24 storey building! The liner also has 18 decks, 16 of which are passenger, has 2, 700 cabins for 5, 400 people. On the rear deck there is an open-air amphitheater with 750 seats. The ship has a crew of about 2, 200. The Oasis of the Seas is the most comfortable cruise ship in the world with 4, 100 toilets, 42 lifts, 4, 500 air conditioners and 90, 000 sq. meters of carpet, but that's not all. The ship has 21 pools in which approximately 2.3 million liters of water circulate! The vessel is equipped with 1250 surveillance cameras, which is very safe. About 12 thousand plants have been planted on the liner and at least 50 trees have been planted. The ship's power system is no less impressive than itself. On board there are 6 generators producing energy, which would be enough for 105, 000 cottages. The total capacity of the ship's power system is 100 megawatts with a consumption of about 12 tons of diesel fuel per hour. It took about 5, 000 kilometers of electrical wiring to provide the entire liner with power. All of this is worth over $ 1.4 billion !!!