Most expensive car number

A license plate consisting of a single digit "1" was sold for $ 14 million at an auction for the sale of license plates in the United Arab Emirates. The 25-year-old billionaire from Abu Dhabi Said Abdul Ghaffar Khoeri became the lucky owner of an expressive number. The owner of the lot called "the most expensive license plate" said that he was ready to give up $ 30 million just to get it. Interestingly, the starting price of this number was "only" $ 27, 000. What kind of car will drive with this number, Mr. Khoeri has not yet decided. The proceeds from the auction will be donated to charity. The interest in license plates in the UAE is due to the possibility of acquiring a license plate for perpetual use. The future owner has the right to inherit the license plate or sell it. Since May 2007, the traffic police of the capital of the United Arab Emirates have received more than $ 136 million from 12 auctions for the sale of exclusive license plates for cars.