The longest ears in the world

In absolute size, the African elephant has the longest ears: from the base to the top, their length can reach 1.5 meters.

If we evaluate the length of the ears in relation to the length of the body, then the long-eared beast is the long-eared jerboa: it itself is only 9 centimeters long, and the ears are as much as 5 centimeters, that is, more than half the body length (for an elephant, about a quarter of the body length). He is an inhabitant of the Gobi Desert in Mongolia and China, and according to the latest data, it is endangered.

The longest ears among dogs are of the Basset Hound breed.

There is also a decorative breed of rabbits with a strange name "Brussels Sheep": the ears of these animals are symmetrically fixed on the head with special clips and resemble twisted ram's horns. The length of the straightened ears of a rabbit - "ram" reaches 50-60 centimeters. This animal is artificially bred by man.