The largest excavator in the world

The giant Bagger 288 excavator was built in 1978 by the German company Krupp specifically for work in coal mines. It took five years and $ 100 million to build. This giant is about 95 meters high and weighs 13, 500 tons. The length of the "boom" is more than 200 m, at the end of it there is a rotor with buckets. The rotor itself is the size of an 8-storey building. He shovels 240 thousand cubic meters of rock per day.

The excavator draws its energy from the industrial power grid through a long cable. Caterpillars, rotor and other mechanisms drive electric motors with a total capacity of tens of megawatts.

Thanks to 12 tracks of 3, 8 meters wide, the pressure of the monster on the ground is 1, 7 kilograms per square centimeter, so that, if necessary, Bagger 288 can move from place to place without damaging the ground. The maximum speed of the excavator is 10 meters per minute (0.6 km / h).

In 1995, Bagger 293 was built with dimensions not exceeding its predecessor, but already weighing 14, 200 tons and 20 buckets on a rotor with a volume of 15 cubic meters. The crew of this vehicle is 5 people. It is currently the largest excavator in the world.