Interesting facts about Napoleon

Napoleon Bonaparte is a French emperor and reformer, one of the most talented military leaders in history. He had an analytical mind, short stature and a master's degree in mathematics. He ended his life in exile, was poisoned by inept doctors or ill-wishers.

26 Interesting Facts About Napoleon:

  1. Delicious puff cake and cognac are named after the emperor.
  2. There is Napoleon's theorem in mathematics. They say it was he who invented it.
  3. The great Frenchman was considered a person who knew no fear. But Bonaparte was afraid of cats, it was a life-long phobia of the ruler.
  4. Josephine, Bonaparte's wife, was six years older than her husband.
  5. Napoleon was short, but not 157 centimeters at all, as previously thought, but 168 centimeters tall.
  6. Bonaparte was a master of mathematics. The French Academy of Sciences proclaimed Napoleon its academician.
  7. Bonaparte began serving in the army at the age of sixteen with the rank of junior lieutenant of artillery and at the age of 24 he became a general.
  8. At 35, Napoleon came to power as Emperor of France.
  9. Bonaparte was very fond of Italian operas and did not like very much to applaud the actors.
  10. Under the new emperor of the French, a new slogan of the state arose - "Liberty, Equality and Property."
  11. Historical sources report that Napoleon could read up to 2 thousand words per minute.
  12. Bonaparte wrote his only work - the love story "Clisson and Eugene".
  13. After Napoleon caught the sentry sleeping at the post, he did not wake the guilty person, but stood side by side at the post.
  14. Napoleon's family was one of the impoverished Corsican nobles. He was the second of 13 children.
  15. "Little Corsican" - such a contemptuous nickname was given by Bonaparte's enemies. There was a hint not only of growth, but also of origin.
  16. In a state of stress, the great Frenchman could fall asleep instantly, even when the gunshots were firing. But the Emperor slept only 3-4 hours a day.
  17. Napoleon had complexes about being overweight and short.
  18. Bonaparte loved different hats. He had two hundred of them in his life.
  19. The Corsican dialect of Italian was Bonaparte's mother tongue.
  20. On Saint Helena, where Napoleon was exiled in 1815, he lived until his death. During a 6-year imprisonment, Napoleon fell ill with cancer and treated him with arsenic, this was the cause of the death of the great Frenchman.
  21. Napoleon Bonaparte went down in history as Napoleon the First.
  22. In 1886, the French government condemned all Bonapartist claimants to the throne to exile. They had no right to reside or live in France and serve in the French army. This ban was only lifted in 1951.
  23. At the beginning of the 19th century, a genus of trees growing on the African continent was named in honor of the emperor of the French.
  24. German psychologist Alfred Adler invented the concept of "Napoleon complex", according to which people of short stature have an inferiority complex and seek to gain power in an aggressive way.
  25. The great composer Ludwig van Beethoven dedicated one of his works to Bonaparte.
  26. Napoleon's ashes are kept in Les Invalides in Paris.