Georgy Vitsin is the most sober "alcoholic" in the USSR

Biographers have never been able to establish the exact date and place of birth of the legendary Soviet actor Georgy Vitsin. According to some sources, he was born in 1917 in Terijoki near Petrograd, according to others - a year later in Petrograd itself. But, his ancestors came from Central Russia. Mother was born in Penza, and father in the village of Nebyloe, Vladimir province.

In the village itself, there is a legend that after the war of 1812, a captured soldier of Napoleon's army by the name of Vitsen settled in Nebyloe. It so happened that the foreigner got married and stayed in Russia forever. His descendants already bore a more Russian surname - Vitsin. True, local historians claim that there is no documentary evidence of this. Perhaps this is just a legend.

Georgy Vitsin always looked much younger than his years. To be convinced of this, it is enough to review some films with his participation. So, for example, in the film "The Reserve Player" he played the young man Vasya Vesnushkin, although the actor himself at that time was already 37 years old. And the role of the young groom from "The Marriage of Balzaminov" Vitsin received at the age of 47.

The actor treated the role of the athlete Vasya Vesnushkin with all responsibility, exhausting himself with regular stubborn training on the football field. And in the boxing ring he "hacked to death" with Pavel Kadochnikov and was seriously injured. But, despite the damage, he continued shooting.

And Vitsin has been doing yoga for many years. They say that he was carried away by yoga by another brilliant actor - Savely Kramarov. It often happened that Vitsin asked to interrupt filming for a few minutes, since he conducted classes regularly and strictly on schedule.

Georgy Mikhailovich Vitsin often had to play roles, the heroes of which, to put it mildly, drank a lot. For example: Coward from the films of Leonid Gaidai, alcoholic Tebenkov from the picture "Guardian" and others. But everyone who knew the actor well remembers that he did not drink alcohol in real life. Sometimes, this led to funny incidents on the set.

For example, in the "Caucasian Captive" Coward, Goonies and Experienced drink draft beer. What to wish for the teetotaler Vitsin? Poured rosehip broth into a mug and added cotton wool. But, this drink did not resemble real beer. The actor had to deviate from his rules for a while and take a few sips of not fake, but ordinary beer.

Despite the fact that the whole country knew and loved Georgy Mikhailovich, in ordinary life he was a modest man, he tried never to attract the attention of others. Once in line, the actor was recognized and decided to let him go ahead. But, Vitsin suddenly announced that he was not who he was mistaken for, but just the brother of a celebrity. Then he was asked to skip the line as a sign of respect for his brother.

In the "dashing nineties" roles, Vitsin was almost never offered. And my health was no longer the same. He lived modestly on retirement, but every day, despite his health, he went out into the street to feed pigeons and stray cats with dogs. The actor died on October 22, 2001 and was buried at the Vagankovskoye cemetery in Moscow.

In an interview, Georgy Mikhailovich admitted that he dreamed of going to study as an agronomist after school. But, according to Vitsin himself, he "lost his way" and became an actor.