Interesting facts about lefties

Lefties are people who prefer to use their left hand in everyday life. But few people know that they also actively use the right half of the brain, which is responsible for creativity and thinking outside the box. Lefties adapt to living conditions much faster than right-handers. They are more likely to find ways out of difficult situations, but often confuse the directions "left-right" and "up-down".

15 Fun Facts About Lefties:

  1. International Left-Handed Day is celebrated on 13 August.
  2. There are more left-handers on the planet today than have ever died.
  3. There are more men than women among left-handers.
  4. Left-handers die on average 9 years earlier than right-handers.
  5. Lefties tend to be much more stubborn as children than their peers.
  6. Left-handers use their right hand much more often than right-handers use their left.
  7. Leonardo da Vinci could paint with both hands at the same time.
  8. The number of left-handers is constantly decreasing. In the Stone Age, there were 50% of them, in the Bronze Age - 25%, and now - only 15%.
  9. In the days of the USSR, left-handers were retrained at school for right-handers. Only in 1986, the need to retrain left-handers was abolished at the legislative level.
  10. The probability of having a left-handed child if both parents are right-handed is only 2%. If one of the parents is left-handed, the probability rises to 17%; both left-handed parents have left-handed children in 46% of cases.
  11. Animals are also left-handed. Among cats, the majority are right-handed, among mice 44% are right-handed, 28% are left-handed, and the rest are ambidextrous, and all polar bears are left-handed.
  12. Among the population of South Asia, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Australia, there are many more left-handers than in other parts of the world.
  13. In Japan, up to the 20th century, a wife's left-handedness was considered sufficient grounds for divorce.
  14. Russian Emperor Peter I forbade left-handed people to testify in court. He thought they were too cunning.
  15. Left-handed people are more likely to be creative geniuses.

List of famous left-handers:

- Albert Einstein

- Isaac Newton

- Leonardo Da Vinci

- Pablo Picasso

- Alexander the Great

- Julius Caesar

- Napoleon Bonaparte

- Henry Ford

- Lewis Carroll

- Ringo Starr

- Bobby Fischer

And never retrain your child if he started doing everything with his left hand. Perhaps you are killing a little genius in him.