Interesting facts about Vladimir Vysotsky

Vladimir Vysotsky is an artist, bard, poet and idol of millions, whose work you can love or hate, but you cannot remain indifferent to him.

14 facts from the life of Vladimir Vysotsky:

  1. During his life, Vysotsky wrote about eight hundred songs, and also performed about thirty roles in films and twenty on theater stages.
  2. In his youth, the poet and singer was seriously involved in sports acrobatics and boxing.
  3. Young Vladimir wrote his first poem at school, in the 8th grade. It was dedicated to the memory of Stalin.
  4. When young Vladimir Vysotsky first came to audition, he was told that with such a voice he would never become a singer.
  5. The novel "The Meeting Place Cannot Be Changed" partly owes its adaptation to Vysotsky, who played the role of Gleb Zheglov in the film. The singer was so imbued with the book that he made a lot of efforts to ensure that it was filmed.
  6. Due to strained relations with the Soviet regime, Vysotsky's songs did not sound on the radio, and television did not show his concerts. There were even attempts to ban him from acting in films.
  7. The wolf in the famous cartoon "Well, wait a minute" was originally supposed to be voiced by Vladimir Vysotsky, but due to the intervention of the authorities, Papanov was eventually invited.
  8. One of the most notable roles of Vysotsky in the theater was the role of Hamlet in the production of Shakespeare's play (interesting facts about Shakespeare).
  9. Once in Sochi, Vysotsky's apartment was robbed by burglars, but later they returned all things, attaching a note of apology, which also said that they did not know who lived in the apartment.
  10. In 1978, Vysotsky was officially awarded the title of pop soloist-vocalist of the highest category.
  11. The actor and singer was very fond of cars, but he usually drove very fast and dashingly, which is why he got into accidents more than once or twice (interesting facts about cars).
  12. Throughout most of his life, the singer often abused alcohol and cigarettes.
  13. In the last poem, written by Vysotsky on a prescription for some kind of medicine, shortly before his death, he predicted his imminent death.
  14. For all the years of Vysotsky's life, Soviet television has never shown a single interview with him, and not a single concert of his.