The death of Pushkin was predicted 20 years before the duel

According to the memoirs of contemporaries, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin was a hot-tempered person. His duel with Dantes, which ended with the death of the great Russian poet, was far from the only one. Even Pushkin's biographers hesitate to name the exact number, but they are sure that there are at least two dozen cases when the poet challenged the offender to a duel, or vice versa - the challenge was thrown to Alexander Sergeevich.

In 1816, 17-year-old Sasha challenged his cousin Pavel Hannibal to a duel, who dared to beat off his nephew's dance partner, a certain girl Loshakova, during a ball. It is not known how the fight would have ended, Paul Hannibal was an officer, a participant in the war of 1812. Fortunately, the relatives measured themselves and the duel did not stand out.

In the future, a variety of reasons became the reason for the challenge to a duel: fraud in a card game, jealousy, criticism of the poet's poems. Once Staff-Captain Rutkovsky tried to prove to Pushkin that, during the hail, the weight of some hailstones exceeds 3 pounds. And this is about 1 kg 200 g. Pushkin laughed, for which he was summoned to a duel.

All these duels ended bloodlessly: the opponents made up or missed. And sometimes they just refused to shoot each other. But, Baroness Alexandra Kirchhoff, a well-known fortune teller in St. Petersburg, predicted back in 1817 that Pushkin could die at the age of 37 from a white man, with a white head and on a white horse. If this does not happen, then Alexander will live a long time.

It all began on an autumn evening in 1817, when young Sasha was having fun in the company of friends, and someone suggested visiting a fortune-teller. As soon as Pushkin crossed the threshold, Baroness Kirchhoff suddenly cried out: “This is not an ordinary person, the head is important!” She said that soon Alexander will receive a tidy sum of money. In the future, he will become famous all over Russia, but will be sent into exile., finally, warned of the impending danger at 37 from a white man on a white horse.

Perhaps Pushkin would soon have forgotten about the predictions of the Baroness, but on the same evening a friend returned his card debt. A few years later, Pushkin, indeed, was known to all of Russia, and in 1820 he was exiled to Chisinau, then to his family estate - the village of Mikhailovskoye.

Unwittingly, Pushkin began to think about the fact that he could die at the age of 37. After all, the fortune-teller's predictions came true one after another. By the way, Pushkin's visit to Baroness Kirchhoff is not an invention of subsequent generations. The poet himself recalled this more than once in conversations with friends.

It is said that he avoided relationships with blondes. But the cause of death was not in them. On the fateful day, Dantes rode to a duel on a white horse, in a white uniform, his head was covered with snow. And Pushkin was 37 years old at the time. But, it was too late to retreat.

The poet was seriously wounded. Despite the efforts of the doctors, Alexander Sergeevich died two days later, at 14:45. The prediction of Baroness Kirchhoff came true.