Interesting facts about Valeria Kharlamov

It's hard to believe, but the chances that the Moscow teenager Valera Kharlamov would become a world-famous hockey player were extremely small. At the age of 14, the boy fell ill with a sore throat, which gave a complication to the heart. The boy was even released from school physical education lessons. But his father, Boris Sergeevich Kharlamov, decided to fight for his son's health with his own methods - he took him to the hockey section.

The hockey player's mother, Carmen Orive-Abad, was born in Bilbao, Spain. In 1937, when she was still a child, the girl was taken to the Soviet Union, since Spain at that time was engulfed in the Civil War. In Moscow, she met Boris Kharlamov, in 1948 their son Valery was born.

In 1956, the father of Valery Kharlamov's mother fell ill in Spain, and she decided to return to her homeland. Valery and his sister also left with their mother, but quickly realized that they missed home and their father, who remained in Moscow. A few months later they returned to the USSR.

In 1967, the 19-year-old made his debut in the most popular ice hockey club in the USSR - CSKA. Here are just a special impression on Anatoly Vladimirovich Tarasov, the head coach of the team, did not make. Tarasov sent the young hockey player to the Zvezda team (Chebarkul) to gain experience. Kharlamov managed to return to CSKA only the following year.

In addition to hockey, Kharlamov was also fond of football. But, interestingly, in football I was rooting not for CSKA, but for Torpedo, and I was friends with many players of this club.

In CSKA Valery Kharlamov played under No. 17. This number is assigned to him in CSKA forever, therefore, none of the club's players can play with the number 17 on their uniform.

By 1972, Kharlamov was one of the brightest players in amateur hockey. But, it was during the legendary Super Series, in which the USSR national team played with Canadian professionals, that they started talking about Kharlamov in the NHL. After the first match, in which the Soviet hockey players won 7: 3, and Valery scored 2 goals, the owner of the Toronto Maple Leafs Ballard offered Kharlamov a million dollars for joining his team. True, at that time the performance of Soviet hockey players in the NHL was impossible.

Valery's hockey career could have ended in 1976, when he had a car accident in which he received a complex fracture of a leg, two ribs, a concussion and multiple bruises. But, after six months, Kharlamov returned to the ice.

But, fate decreed that Kharlamov died in a car accident. On August 27, 1982, a Volga car driven by the hockey player's wife Irina collided with a truck. Together with Valery and Irina, her cousin Sergei rode. They all died at the scene of the tragedy.

The hockey players of the USSR national team could not attend the funeral of their friend: at that time the team was overseas, where it took part in the Canada Cup. Until the last days Valery was a candidate for participation in the tournament, but the coach of the national team V.V. Tikhonov considered that Kharlamov was not in the best shape.

Valery's son Alexander Kharlamov also became a hockey player. He even, unlike his father, managed to play in the National Hockey League. During the filming of the film "Legend No. 7", dedicated to Valery Kharlamov, Alexander was a consultant to the film and even played in the episode.