Bruce Lee's unusual tricks

On July 20, 1973, 32-year-old Bruce Lee died suddenly in Hong Kong. A famous actor, master of martial arts, whose short life is surrounded by an incredible amount of rumors and legends. Most of the great Bruce's tricks cannot be repeated even many years after his death.

Bruce Lee's incredible reaction time can be judged by one of his most famous tricks. Bruce gave his partner a coin to hold in his open palm. The master himself retreated a certain distance and warned that the palm would need to be closed at the moment when Bruce tried to grab it. It should be noted that the partners were delighted when, squeezing their hand, they felt that the coin remained in their hand. But, opening the palm, they noticed with amazement that the coin was completely different. Bruce not only managed to grab a coin, but also replace it with another.

Bruce Lee did not forget about training even while eating: he loved to throw rice up and catch it with chopsticks, without dropping a single grain.

It was not easy for Bruce Lee to find a boxing bag for training: ordinary shells weighing from 30 to 70 kg scattered from his blows like balloons. We had to fill the bag with metal, the total weight of which was about 140 kg. Bruce demonstrated the power of the blow by breaking thick boards, and the people who held them fell off their feet.

50 one-arm push-ups is a common exercise for Bruce. In addition, he could pull himself up 50 times on two fingers of one hand. With one finger, Lee punched through a full can of Coca-Cola, while eyewitnesses claim that half a century ago, the can was made from a thicker layer of metal.

Bruce hit from a distance of 1 meter in 0.05 seconds. True, this did not suit the filmmakers, the filming cameras simply did not have time to follow such a speed, so it seemed that the rivals scattered by themselves, without any contact. I had to shoot shots on film at 32 frames per second, instead of the usual 24, and then slow down the movement of the film. As a result, Bruce's movements seemed vague.

In one of the demonstration fights, which took place in 1962, Bruce knocked out his opponent just 11 seconds after the start of the fight. During this time, he managed to inflict 15 blows.

They say that a talented person is talented in everything. True, this cannot be said about Bruce. His wife Linda Lee recalled that the most basic renovation in the house was a real problem for the martial artist: Bruce had no idea how to use the tool. Once he tried to assemble the bed on his own. After several unsuccessful attempts, Bruce hit the spring mattress with such force against the wall that the plaster crumbled.