Tobacco and smoking facts

Smoking is a daily occurrence in our life, and many people hardly react to the warnings of doctors about its dangers. However, the fact remains that the smoker's body suffers enormous damage. We will tell you more about this in the article.

The well-known traveler and pioneer Columbus discovered not only new lands for mankind, but also numerous secrets of nature. His ships called at the ports of many countries of our world, and more than once Columbus surprised with his finds and presented them to great people as a sign of his respect. One of these gifts once was the then unknown exotic herb - tobacco. Most of the sailors were able to appreciate the superiority of tobacco. Columbus himself often smoked his pipe during his long travels. A sixth sense told him that this gift would be appreciated by the royal couple. And he was absolutely right.

The Spaniards and the inhabitants of Portugal appreciated tobacco with dignity and often acquired it, giving a lot of money. This curiosity was not available to everyone. Over time, enterprising people realized that they could make good money on this, and began to break up plantations of an exotic plant in Europe, to create tobacco factories. Thus, the tobacco market expanded. The number of people willing to buy several cigars grew every time, and the market gradually increased. Tobacco has become popular even in Asia.

Unfortunately, Columbus could not foresee the full danger of his discovery. He could not look into the future and understand what kind of catastrophe he would bring to our world with his discovery, and how tobacco would turn people into addicted smokers. It has been two centuries since people saw the truth about this plant. The myth that tobacco is a healing agent has vanished like smoke for everyone who has tasted this marvelous exoticism. People have become addicted. The phenomenon of tobacco smoking has expanded. The appearance of smokers deteriorated significantly. The color of the face changed, the teeth turned yellow, the bad breath always betrayed the smokers. But the surprises did not end there. Over time, more terrible diseases of human internal organs were discovered.

The first "panic button" was pressed in the 19th century in Germany. Scientists have discovered nicotine and have been able to study it. Nicotine research has shown that the problem of tobacco smoking is very large and more serious than they might have thought. This was also confirmed by statistics - 100 million people died in the 20th century due to smoking.

Already with the first puff, a person inhales radicals and chemical compounds: nicotine, tar, soot, arsenic, hydrocyanic acid, carbon monoxide. Each component is aggressive and active and has a destructive effect on the body. Nicotine causes vomiting, dizziness, and nausea. The mucous membrane of the mouth and esophagus becomes ulcerated due to nicotine. The walls of the stomach lose their evenness due to erosion. The number of ulcers among people is increasing. And this is the first step to cancer. Scientists have found that during smoking, nicotine enters the human brain, the feeling of pleasure increases, and thus psychological dependence arises. The younger the body, the faster it succumbs to addictions. It is enough to smoke 4 cigarettes, as a habit is born, and there is a need for another cigarette.

The resin affects the vocal cords and lungs. It bursts into the body already with the first puff and strives forward, settling in the lungs. Resin is the first step to pneumonia. By settling on the vocal cords, it provokes inflammation, and the voice becomes rougher.

Our body feeds on pure oxygen. Hemoglobin for us is a clean and tidy workaholic, it takes oxygen in our lungs and distributes it throughout the body. Then he returns to the lungs again for another batch of pure oxygen. And so in a circle for many years, while a person lives. Carbon monoxide, which is found in every puff of a cigarette, greatly complicates the work of hemoglobin. It is not easy for him in the body of a smoker. Carbon monoxide attaches to hemoglobin and prevents oxygen from being distributed to our organs. Thus, kidneys, liver, heart suffer in our body. This is very harmful to our body.

I would like to note the factors for improving the state of the body that appear in those who were able to overpower themselves and quit smoking:

• After two hours, nicotine is released from the body.

• After 12 hours, carbon monoxide is removed from the body and the lungs can work at full strength.

• It takes 48 hours for a day to restore taste, and odors become clear.

• Three months without cigarettes will make you feel light when walking and running.

• After 6 months, the cough will go away and you will forget about breathing problems.

Today, tobacco smoking is on the 2nd place among the diseases leading to death. Statistics tell us about a billion people in the 21st century who are addicted to tobacco. There are no remedies that can cure a person from this addiction. Only the smoker himself can save himself from this terrible disease. No matter how strange and funny it may sound. But this is a fact. Only a conscious desire can make a person not take a cigarette in his hands.