In Mexico, a 20-year-old student leads the police

Marisol Vallés Garcia, 20, a criminology student at a local university, was appointed police chief of the Mexican city of Prahedis Guerrero in October 2010. The girl was entrusted with a responsible position, since other police officers refused to be promoted for security reasons. After all, the body of the previous chief of police was found beheaded in one of the quarries, and then the mayor of the city, Gustav Sanchez, disappeared, he was also quickly found ... perished from torture in the basement of one of the abandoned houses.

It is worth mentioning that the town of Prahedis Guerrero is located on the banks of the Rio Grande in the Mexican state of Chihuahua on the border with the United States and is one of the most criminal in Mexico. Street gangs rule here and criminal gangs are established by law. One of the most lucrative drug trafficking in the United States passes through the state, the bandits here are not afraid of anyone and behave in such a way that even the government cannot do anything with the local mafia.

A naive but brave girl eagerly went to work, starting to restore order in the city, but after several calls from unknown persons with threats, she decided to take a vacation at her own expense ... and flee to the USA ...

On March 1, a man called me and told me to prepare for the fact that they would come to kill me and my family. Before that, I did not want to leave for America, to leave my post. But I no longer had a choice: a raid could be expected every minute. The departure was spontaneous, and we did not even have time to pack our bags: we packed up in half an hour, taking with us only everything we needed.

After this call, the police chief, packed up her little son and, together with two relatives, crossed the Texas border through the American border crossing at Fort Hancock, asking the Americans for asylum.

It should be noted that Marisol Vallés is not the only Mexican female police officer to come to the attention of the media. At the end of 2010, the abduction of Erika Gandara, the only police officer in the city of Guadalupe, was widely reported (all of her colleagues quit after the mayor's assassination). The fate of 28-year-old Gandara, dubbed "the bravest policeman in Mexico" in the media, is still unknown.

The war on drug cartels in Mexico has claimed 28, 000 lives since President Felipe Calderon came to power in December 2006. Over the past year, 11 city mayors have been killed in Mexico.