How Churchill wanted to joke on Stalin

From the book of Berezhkov (Stalin's personal translator during the war) "Next to Stalin."

At the Yalta conference, the heads of state, Stalin, Roosevelt, Churchill, rested separately from everyone.

Churchill, being in a good mood, decided to make fun of Stalin and asks:

- Is it true that you, Georgians, have a custom to give a guest what he liked?

- Yes! - he answered thoughtfully.

- I liked the Livadia palace. Can I count on the hospitality of Georgian customs?

Stalin thought and said:

- Yes! But on condition that you solve the riddle.

Churchill smiled and agreed.

Stalin unbends three fingers - thumb, index and middle.

- Where is the middle finger here?

Churchill thought for a moment and pointed at the so-called middle finger.

- Not! - said Stalin.

Roosevelt, who was observing this small talk, laughed and, touching the index finger between his thumb and middle, exclaimed:

- Here he is!

- Not! - said Stalin and, sticking his thumb between the index and middle, answered:

- Here it is!