Interesting facts about bald head

One of the most successful jokes of the past belongs to the Englishman Horace de Veer Cole. He handed out carefully selected theater tickets to the bald-headed men, which made it possible to clearly read a harsh word from the top row of their shining skulls.

Hippocrates prescribed pigeon droppings as a baldness remedy to his patients.

Louis XIV, the Sun King, did not want to show others his rare hairs. Therefore, with his submission, the boom of wigs began, and not only in France, but throughout Europe.

In the United States, you can often see African American women with bald patches on the temples. Very often this is a consequence of the abuse of the so-called Afro-braids. When weaving them, the hair is pulled, tension is created, which damages both the hair itself and the bulb, which does not tolerate violence.

Smoking, as dermatologists emphasize, can contribute to the hair loss process. This is due to the blood supply to the follicles caused by constant smoking. Together with tobacco smoke, harmful environmental conditions and pollution can also negatively affect the follicles and the density of the hairline.

Bald men look more masculine in the eyes of women. Bruce Willis, Vin Diesel, Gosha Kutsenko, Fyodor Bondarchuk, Rostislav Khait, Jason Statham are real sex symbols of our time.

Men with a bald spot on the vertex are one third more likely to experience coronary heart disease. According to Japanese experts, men who become bald at an early age are in particular danger.

The main task of hair is not beauty, but the maintenance of the temperature of the brain. This is an excellent heat insulator that our head needs. Shaving bald is stress for the body. He reacts - the hair begins to grow back quickly, at a speed of 0.44 mm per day. But only until the length of the hair reaches about 1 cm. Then the speed drops - the heat exchange function is restored.

In the Middle Ages in Europe, ladies shaved their hair in front of their heads to make their foreheads visually larger.

A bald head visually ages people by 10-15 years. To hide the bald head, many shave baldly.

The most common type of baldness (about 90%) is androgenetic, when hair loss is associated with androgen hormones and heredity. Moreover, despite the fact that this is a predominantly male problem, it also occurs in women (for example, in some diseases of the ovaries, when the production of androgens in women increases). In men, it manifests itself in the form of gradual hair loss like a "cardinal's cap": the hair on the forehead and crown of the head begins to thin out first, in women the hair from the crown of the head or thinns evenly throughout the head, the frontal part is rarely affected.

On the back of the head, the largest concentration of hair is - on average, 120 bulbs per square centimeter, while in other parts of the head - from 30 to 60 bulbs per square centimeter. During the transplant operation, it is from the back of the head that the hair is transplanted to the crown.