Interesting facts about armpits

In May 1915 of that year, Harper's Bazaar magazine published a revolutionary advertising photo at the time, depicting a young model in a dress with wide, short sleeves, and her arms were effectively raised up. Until this day, women's fashion provided for dresses that covered the hands to the wrists, and no one worried about the hairiness of the armpits. The ladies had to start shaving their armpits to look aesthetically pleasing in public.

Underarm odor has an important biological function. Our ancestors found marriage partners for themselves by it, sniffing out whether the carrier was suitable for him by genotype as a marriage partner. Armpit hair enhances this odor and makes it more persistent.

One of the carnival parades in Rio de Janeiro is called "Suvaco do Cristo", which literally translates as "the armpit of Christ." This is due to the fact that the urban area of ​​Jardin-Botanicou, through which the parade takes place, is located directly under the place where the right hand of the statue of Christ the Redeemer begins.

26% of men occasionally sniff their armpits. On my own I will add that we also sniff socks, as well as the armpits, checking them for freshness. This method is called organoleptic :)

Armpit hyperhidrosis often occurs when there is vegetative-vascular dystonia, or there is a problem with the thyroid gland.

Curettage is a procedure that removes nerves and sweat glands under the skin in the armpits.

Armpits become dark due to many reasons, including sweating, dead skin cells, reactions to deodorants, taking certain contraceptives, and improper hygiene and rubbing of clothes.

Shaved armpits are a sign of a woman's lack of freedom. This is the gift that the human rights organization Amnesty International has prepared for International Women's Day.

Antiperspirants can cause cancer. In 2007, a survey of 17 women diagnosed with breast cancer showed the presence of aluminum in their tissues, which had entered the body as part of an antiperspirant.

Armpit sniffer is a profession. These people apply deodorants and antiperspirants to the armpits of the test group of people, and then monitor how long this smell lasts and whether it is good.

Favorite perfumers pheromone Athena 10-13 is obtained by extracting sweat extract from women's armpits.