Interesting facts about heroes

It is known for certain that in his old age Ilya Muromets decided to end his days as a monk and was tonsured at Theodosius Monastery (now the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra), where he was later buried and later canonized. Examination of the relics showed that the hero's height was about 180 cm, and the spine was deformed, possibly due to paralysis suffered in childhood. So, the tale that Muromets spent 33 years on the stove does not lie.

Dobrynya Nikitich is compared by many with the chronicle Dobrynya, the uncle of Prince Vladimir (the very one who baptized Rus).

In the Tver chronicle, the name of Oleshko Popovich is associated with the summer of 1216, when the hero killed 70 people in the battle of Kalka. The name was eventually changed to Alyosha.

Ilya Muromets, Dobrynya Nikitich and Alyosha Popovich have never met in real life and lived at different times.

The word Bogatyr in Russian is borrowed from the languages ​​of the Turkic group, where it appears in various forms: bagatur, bahadir, bagadur, batur, batyr, batator, baatar and means a valiant warrior, a hero.

The Krasnoarmeiskaya Budenovka in shape resembled a medieval "erikhonka" or a shell with a barmitsa - part of the armor of the epic Russian heroes, for which at first it received the everyday name "bogatyrka".

The growth of the "heroes" about whom M.Yu. Lermontov in his poem "Borodino" (Not like the current tribe: Heroes are not you!), On average was 160-165 cm.

The biblical hero Samson had seven braids, and it was in these braids that his mighty strength was. After they were secretly cut off by a mistress during sleep, the hero lost his strength.

The capital of Mongolia Ulan-Bator (Mong. Ulaanbaatar [ʊɮɑːŋ.bɑːtʰɑ̆r] - translated from Mongolian means red hero.

Circus acrobat Valentin Dikul escaped from under the dome of the circus, but with a disability of the first group with a compression fracture of the spine in the lumbar spine, contrary to the doctors' verdict, he got to his feet and became an athlete. And at 61, in the presence of journalists, he did: squat - 450 kg, bench press - 260 kg and deadlift - 460 kg.

The legendary athlete and wrestler Ivan Poddubny has not lost a single competition or tournament for 40 years of performances. On February 23, 1926, he once again became the world wrestling champion at the age of 55 !!!

But the real newborn hero was a boy born in Italy in 1955 weighing 10, 2 kg and 76 cm in height.

Ukrainian Dmitry Khaladzhi broke the record of the ancient hero Bibon, lifting a stone weighing 152 kg with one hand. The famous ancient Greek athlete Bibon, who lived in the VI century BC. BC, it was possible to lift a stone with one hand, the weight of which was 143, 5 kg. By the way, the pebble is still kept in the museum of the city of Olympia.

The Soviet film "Ilya Muromets" featured 106, 000 extra soldiers and 11, 000 horses (the largest number of extras in the history of cinema).