What happens if you stop brushing your teeth?

What do you think happens if you stop brushing your teeth?

It turns out nothing!

It is a myth that toothpaste is the best way to cleanse teeth of food debris and bacteria. In fact, the best teeth cleaning happens when we eat carrots or apples. Brushing your teeth will also not eliminate bad breath. Its occurrence is not due to the fact that a person does not brush his teeth. And there is a smell for other reasons:

- if there are holes (hollows) in the teeth;

- can come from the esophagus due to an upset gastrointestinal tract.

In both cases, toothpaste does not destroy the smell, but deodorizes it, that is, clogs it for a while with its stronger smell.

The person did not always use toothpaste. Dental health is directly related to the quality of food.