Is it good to sleep naked?

Many people choose to sleep naked. It turned out that for a reason - scientists argue that sleeping naked is beneficial in many (and sometimes completely unexpected) ways:

Relieve pain.

At least during sleep, it is useful to get rid of clothes that impede the free circulation of blood. This will relieve discomfort and tension that builds up in the plexuses of the abdominal cavity and even relieve abdominal pain. Doctors also recommend getting rid of clothes while sleeping for people suffering from insomnia.

Normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands.

Sleep is not a complete lack of activity. To improve the productivity of your organs, it is important to relieve them of excess pressure. When you sleep without clothes, you make it easier for air to reach the skin and accelerate its regeneration. The sebaceous glands work best by secreting sebum and rejuvenating the skin. This affects the intensity of the general metabolism.

Protects the genitals.

Moisture in women's underwear can cause discomfort and increase the likelihood of infection. Sleeping naked reduces this likelihood, while helping to avoid fungal infections. And for men, sleeping naked helps maintain an optimal testicular temperature and therefore improves sperm quality and fertility, doctors say.

Will improve the quality of life.

After a hard day, it is often difficult to fall into a restful deep sleep. The result is that throughout the next day you do not want anything, only sleep. Try to take off your favorite pajamas for the night - it is likely that with it you will release all the accumulated stress and fall asleep like a baby. A good sleep will give you energy for the next day.

And a few more tips:

Take a bath before going to bed so your skin can breathe better at night. The temperature and humidity in the bedroom should be appropriate so you don't wake up with a cold. Turn your bed into something soft and fluffy that your skin feels good to touch.