The cause of acne

Have you ever had acne? Almost everyone has had acne in their teens. Someone to a lesser extent, not even noticing acne, someone to a greater extent - tormented and suffering from a rash on the face. For some people, pimples persist even after maturation - into their adult life.

Of course, acne is not dangerous, but for some people it makes life very difficult.

If you find yourself on this site, then with a high degree of certainty it can be argued that either you or someone of your loved ones are seriously annoyed by acne.

Let's try to figure out what acne is, how they appear, how to treat acne and its consequences, how to prevent the appearance of acne.

In order to understand the causes of acne, pay attention to the fact that the skin contains a large number of hair follicles (follicles). The sebaceous gland, which produces sebum, is attached to the hair follicle. Normally, this fat is removed to the surface of the skin through a tiny opening (through the pores). If this hole turns out to be clogged, then fat that has not come out will begin to accumulate inside the hair follicle, it will begin to swell and an inflammatory process may begin in it. Actually, this is what we call a pimple or acne.