Interesting facts about alcoholism

Alcohol mortality in Russia (600-700 thousand people a year) covers most of the gap between fertility and mortality, which causes the depopulation of Russia.

Alcoholization in 76% of cases begins before the age of 20, including 49% in adolescence.

The most common causes of death in alcoholism are cardiovascular disease. In particular, alcohol, by causing myocardial damage, leads to the development of chronic heart failure and increases the risk of fatal ventricular fibrillation.

Nowadays, groups of Alcoholics Anonymous are becoming popular, where you can come both sober and who have taken alcohol, the difference is that those who have taken alcohol do not have the right to speak at the meeting. For many patients, participation in groups is a replacement for the usual circle of "drinking companions", getting rid of complete loneliness.

Although women are more resistant to alcohol addiction, female alcoholism is much more difficult to cure than male alcoholism.

In medieval Europe, the main drunkards were the Germans. But the Russians (contrary to the prevailing opinion about drunkenness from the past centuries) did not drink strong alcohol until the 16th century, but drank mash or diluted wine.

One of the earliest indications of condemnation of alcohol abuse is the "Notice of Drinking". This document appears in China in 1116 BC. e. It contains a condemnation of drunkenness, which has become widespread in various sectors of Chinese society.

Under Peter I, punishments for drunkards were first introduced, and workhouses were created to correct drunkards and the mentally ill.

The lethal concentration of alcohol in the blood is 0.5–0.8 g / dl, the lethal single dose is 4–12 g / kg (about 300 ml of 96% ethanol), however, in people with chronic alcoholism, alcohol tolerance can be significantly higher.

Most people of East Asian descent have a mutation in the gene responsible for the production of alcohol dehydrogenase, which causes this enzyme to convert ethanol to acetaldehyde with incredible intensity. This was used by the settlers to solder the indigenous American Indians in Columbian times.

According to statistics for 2010, the most drinking countries (based on the consumption of liters of alcohol per capita per year) are:

1 Uganda 17.6

2 Luxembourg 15, 6

3 Ireland 13, 7

4 Hungary 13, 6

5 Republic of Moldova 13, 2

For comparison, the Russian Federation 10, 3 occupies only 22 place in this list.

The Oglala Sioux Indian tribe in South Dakota has filed a lawsuit against the world's largest beer producers, blaming the companies for alcoholism among the indigenous people.