What people try to hide

We all hid something at some point: in childhood, cars from brothers, becoming older porn magazines from parents, growing up a stash from a salary from a wife, etc. And every time you have to invent a place where to bury your treasures. You will never guess. which most people are trying to hide well now. Interesting?

If yes, then type in Google or Yandex the request WHERE TO HIDE, I swear you will be very surprised to find out which answer is the first in the rating. Yes, the most pressing question, the answer to which is now being searched for on the Internet, is where to hide the body. Well, you have to answer it. According to experienced specialists who worked on the profile back in the dashing 90s, there are several main options for getting rid of a corpse:

  1. You can throw a corpse into the bathroom and soak it in acid for 3 days. Then rinse off the remains with a brush.
  2. Cut into pieces and put them in the trunk one by one into the car. Just do not take out everything at once, so that the neighbors do not set fire, and into the woods, well, or you can store in a large refrigerator until the searches settle down and then take out)
  3. You can hide a corpse in a lake or river. And in order for the crayfish to eat the corpse before it floats up, you must first put it in a bowl of cement. When the cement hardens - voila, you can dump the corpse into a lake or river. But one must not forget that gradually the corpse decomposes, breaks off from the basin, and floats up.
  4. On a dark night, bury it in your own garden. If you suddenly need it, you always know where to look for it. At the same time, fertilizer for flowers will appear.
  5. A corpse can be butchered and stocked with meat for several months. The main thing is to keep it in the refrigerator.
  6. A corpse can be thrown into the courtyard of harmful neighbors The main thing is not to forget to call the police after that.
  7. You can cut a corpse into pieces, put them in plastic bags and throw them out at night in different parts of the city to confuse the police.
  8. If you are on a construction site, there is nothing easier than walled up a corpse in the foundation of a house. Of course, the house will have to be sold, or maybe not, if you are not afraid of ghosts.
  9. The corpse can be thrown from the 20th floor, as long as it is still warm, otherwise the forensic experts will quickly figure out that this is not suicide.
  10. A corpse can be placed on a railroad track at night and wait for a beep.

Finally, I propose to play an interesting game called WHERE TO HIDE THE CORPSE, which I spied on one of the forums. The bottom line is simple: each visitor continues the story of the previous one, how he found and where he hid the corpse. I start...