Interesting facts about female beauty with male eyes

Everyone knows that beauty is a terrible force, but since “there is no comrade for the taste and color, ” it turns out that the question of beauty acquires a purely subjective character. Several interesting facts about female beauty in the eyes of men of all times and peoples, offered to your attention below, only prove this once again.

It is not surprising that the men of Ancient Egypt considered slender and graceful women with full lips and large almond-shaped eyes to be beautiful. Interestingly, enterprising Egyptian beauties dripped the juice of a special plant called "sleepy stupor" into their eyes to dilate their pupils.

A small, fragile woman with tiny legs is the ideal of a man from Ancient China. The large size of the leg, according to the Chinese, was considered ugliness and so that the leg would not grow, little girls had it tightly bandaged, which caused terrible pain, but beauty at all times demanded and requires sacrifice ...

Ancient Greek men preferred ladies with a trained body, pleasant fullness in breasts and booty, a beautiful face with a straight nose and big eyes. The sculpture of Aphrodite with her forms is a vivid example of their taste: the height of the sculpture is 164 cm, the girth of the chest is 86 cm, the girth is 69 cm and the hips are 93 cm.

Ancient Roman beauties attracted their men with fair skin and blond hair.

But in the harsh and puritanical Middle Ages, the spirituality of the female inner world was considered true beauty, and the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary with her elongated oval face, meek eyes and small mouth was the revered standard of medieval beauty. But the earthly attractiveness of a woman's body and face was considered sinful, and admiration for her was shameful and unlawful in a decent society. Hair dyeing was considered an unholy occupation, the hair had to be hidden under a cap, and the shape of the figure was hidden by an abundance of heavy fabrics.

At the beginning of the 18th century, the beauty of a woman is already beginning to be compared with the beauty of a rose - tenderness, fragility and grace are becoming popular. It is interesting that it is during this period that men admire women with small breasts.

In the Renaissance, women learned to shave the back of their head and pluck their eyebrows to emphasize the "swan neck" and high forehead, the reference parameters of the beauty. But in the days of Rococo, the main attributes of attractiveness were the hairstyle. Since making a hairdo was a luxury even for monarchs, many did not wash their hair for months, years, all their lives ...

No matter how exotic the preferences of ancient men may seem, it is shocking that in the modern world, many males have a very extravagant taste. For example, men of the Mayorun tribe (Peru) recognize beautiful only that woman whose body is adorned with various bright tattoos and drawings, her lips are covered with chips, and accessories such as feathers, shells, sticks and monkey teeth adorn hair, nose and ears ... Connoisseurs of female beauty from the tribe Natchi Indians living in the Natchez Bluffs area (near the present city of Natchez, Mississippi) argue that a woman whose skull is not artificially deformed is simply ugly. But men from the Palaveño people (Philippines) prefer beauties with blackened and sawn teeth. Senegalese beauties from the Wolof people wear hairstyles from upright braids, but the seducers from the Vietnamese Zarai tribe deliberately deform and lengthen their graceful neck by wearing spiral bracelets ....

Despite the fact that in the civilized world, healthy athletic beauties with a proportional body and well-developed muscles are now in vogue, based on the latest studies conducted on men and women who get married, scientists have come to the conclusion that more than 58% of husbands are more attractive than their wives. according to several main parameters: height, facial features and figure, that is, tall, with regular facial features and mouth-watering body shapes, men prefer to see short, short-legged or plump women as constant companions, and with any significant facial feature, for example, disproportionate lips, a long nose, small slit eyes or a square chin ... Are modern men trying to establish a new ideal of beauty? In fact, the reason for this choice is the complexes and requests of handsome men, who, on a subconscious level, when choosing between a beautiful, independent and self-sufficient companion and one who is ready, yielding to her husband in beauty, to look after and please him, will choose the path of least resistance and more pleasure.