Interesting facts about Tesla

Nikola Tesla (Serbian scientist) is the greatest genius since Leonardo da Vinci. Few people know that this man made inventions that turned the world upside down. Many of his ideas and inventions were appropriated by other scientists. Nikola discovered radioactive beams (stolen by Roentgen), a radio (assigned to Marconi and Popov), a speedometer, an automobile ignition system, radar bases, an alternator, the first hydroelectric power station. He believed that voices and images can be transmitted through the air (and this is at the end of the 19th century). An interesting fact, Tesla claimed to have developed a "dynamic theory of gravity" in which he disagrees with Einstein's model of general relativity, but his theory has not been published. Tesla's ideas were so ahead of his time that the scientific community thought he was crazy and in many cases laughed at his theories.

In 1884, he first arrived in the United States with a letter of introduction written by his previous employer to Thomas Edison, the letter in particular says:

"I know two great people, and you are one of them, and the rest is this young man."

Tesla was hired and worked for Edison until they had a disagreement. Edisson had problems with the design of the DC generators and promised Tesla $ 50, 000 to rework them. When the job was done and Tesla came in for a reward, Edison said it was American humor. Tesla quit his job and created his own company. The DC concept promoted by Edison was beaten by Nikola Tesla, who proved the advantages of AC and pushed a competitor to the brink of bankruptcy. In retaliation, Thomas Edison did everything to erase Nikola Tesla from the history books. And partly he achieved his goal, the greatest scientist died alone, and many of his ideas were appropriated by other people. On July 10, 2006, the 150th birthday of the great inventor Nikola Tesla was celebrated.