Interesting facts about a man without a face

Jose Mestre, from Lisbon, Portugal, better known as "the man without a face", has lost his face under a huge growing tumor for 35 years. The swelling on José, 51, is a collection of blood vessels that have dilated, producing a raised red area on the skin. Fun fact - Jose was born with a strawberry-colored mole on his upper lip. By puberty, she began to grow, eventually engulfing his lips, nose, and one of his eyes. It has a size of 33 cm and a weight of 3 kg.

Doctors repeatedly suggested that Jose remove the tumor with surgery, but he refuses to receive a blood transfusion due to religious reasons (he is a Jehovah's Witness), which makes the operation impossible. A leading British surgeon offered to help Jose by using ultrasound waves to thicken the blood before surgery. This should reduce the risk of heavy bleeding and satisfy Jose's religious beliefs about blood transfusions.

Jose's dream of living a long and normal life can come true. He agreed to travel to a London hospital where doctors could remove the tumor without the need for blood transfusions.