Interesting facts about teeth

Tooth enamel is the only and hardest tissue in the human body that does not regenerate. Interestingly, the first milk teeth - the incisors on the lower and upper jaws - usually erupt in children at 5-8 months. There are many reports of babies being born with teeth. The most famous example is Prince Louis Dieudonne, later King Louis XIV of France, who was born with 2 teeth on September 5, 1638. The molars usually appear at the age of 2 years. An interesting fact - the birth in Denmark in 1970 was documented 6 weeks before the term of a child with 8 teeth, 4 of which were indigenous.

Highest number of teeth: Cases of 3rd teeth appearing several times. In France, in 1896, a case became known when the teeth grew for the 4th time, Albert Hellwigy wrote in 1680 about a man with 3 rows of teeth.

The very first teeth: There are many reports of babies being born with teeth. Prince Louis Dieudonne. who later became the French king Louis XIV, was born with two teeth.

Most Expensive Tooth: Interesting Fact - In 1816, the tooth of the famous scientist Isaac Newton (1643 - 1727) was sold in London for 730 pounds sterling. The buyer was a nobleman who inserted a tooth into a ring he wore without removing it.

The earliest artificial teeth: During the excavation of Etruscan burials, archaeologists have found parts of dental bridges that were used in 700 BC. e. in what is now Tuscany, Italy. Some of them were permanent, others were removable.